"Price Waterhouse"
Certified Financials

Sales/Order Entry/
                  $3,850 installed

   Principal Benefits;
Accurate, timely credit information
Properly priced, accurate invoices
Special pricing by:
   customer, product group or item
Quantity pricing
Multiple shipping dates per item
Display status of order by part
Auto customer account updating
Auto G/L ledger posting
Data for reporting sales tax
Up-to-date sales analysis
Auto commission calculations
Instantly notified for Back Orders
Auto inventory update 

   With just a few clicks;
Determine customer's current status-limit 
Display sales/credit history past 5 yrs 
Print A/R statements for one or all 
Apply full for partial cash payments 
   or adjustments to customer accounts 
Calc + apply interest/finance charges 
Enter + adjust debit and credit memos 

   OE / Billing will;
Auto update aging of account balances 
Separate "ship to" and "bill to"
Print invoices, register and G/L post 
Produce individual statements anytime 
Auto-clear fully paid accounts by time 
Calc + report multi-tax rate + exempt  
Post the financial results to the G/L 
Integrate w/ production/inventory control 
Integrate w/ job cost for service

   GCS Special Features will;
Enter cash to acc'ts by invoice or date 
Record + track cash which is not applied 
   to specific customer accounts 
Override usual G/L acc'ts to be posted 
Deposits listed separately to back track 
Apply burden costs for true gross profit 
Use no-charge bill procs for indirect cost 
Reprint any invoice from past 3-5 years

   Sales Analysis / commission;
Auto-calc commissions by line items 
Base commissions on any combination: 
   list price, cost and gross profit 
Sales analysis by product class or mfg, 
    by customer class, by area, 
    by salesman, etc. 

   OE Procedures allow;
Enter + print new sales + back orders 
Enter comments and instructions 
Enter prescribed payment terms 
Enter or override the "ship to" addresses 
Override prices/terms for special pricing 
Enter undeternined price orders  
Automatically print/save back orders 
Print a list of unshipped orders 
      Then AUTO-GCS will;

Edit data entered against existing files 
Flag over-limit accounts as entered 
Print credit status on the sales order 
Enter customer prices + payment terms 
Update inventory for items committed 
   to fill order

Purchasing / AP
  $2,100 installed

   Instantly display;
Vendors w/ items below order point
Status of open purchase orders
Status of a vendor
Expense accounts for regular vendors
Compare invoice prices to po's 
Vendor account status 

Print detailed po's - stock or non-stock
Detailed purchases journal w/acct code 
Maintain historical vendor po info 
Update inventory "on order/on hand" qty
Print purchase price variance report 
Interface purchasing and AP proc's 
Enter invoices w/descriptions + details 
Enter credit memos 
Post A/P entries to G/L accts any period 
Auto-calculate purchase discounts 
Distribute net or gross amounts 
Report activity for any or all vendors 
Auto-record 1099 reporting, including; 
    multiple identification numbers 
    multiple addresses / same vendor 
    mail check + 1099 / diff' recipients 
Reconstruct A/P trial balance by date 

   Cash Disbursements; 
Select to pay by date due or thru date 
Pay individual invoices or all by vendor 
Complete or partial payments
Protection from duplicate payments 
Determining cash requirements 
Payable checks w/ remittance advices 
Entry of manual checks and voids 
Outstanding check reconciliation 
Alternate payees and addresses 
Multiple banks and accounts 
Vendor check messages 
Printing a detailed check register 
Journal and posts to G/L

   Repetitious Procedures; 
Periodic payments for future periods: 
    Installment notes 
    Standard journal entries 
    Amortization and depreciation 
Review-release proc's beginning/month 
Terminate after specific time period
Procedures to adjust entries at will 
Future payables journal and post to G/L

Inventory Control
      $2,550 installed 
Displays quantities on hand, 
   on order, sold, shipped, 
   order points, etc. 
Monitor re-order levels daily 
Re-calculate reorder points 
   and quantities monthly 
Updates inventory on hand and value 
   for each order shipped
Verify prices charged by vendors 
Identifies + updates price 
   increases for stocked items 
Accommodates routine 
   non-stocked items 
Procedures track non-stock 
   items and drop shipments 

   Multiple Locations 
Tracks inventory by; 
   up to 99 warehouses aisle, row, 
   shelf + bin w/in each warehouse 
   service truck 
Transfer inventory between locations (warehouse or trucks) 

   Valuation Programs
Current cost, avg cost, FIFO, LIFO
Report by mfg + product class; 
   in summary or detail 
Report valuation at cost and list 

   Analytical Programs
Produces a recommended req's    
   report as required 
Detailed inventory activity 
All transactions by item 
inactive item report 
excess inventory report 
Inv by supplier + product class 

   Master Files
   Item master: 
Description source + alt source
Condition; new, used, obsolete 
    User selected categories: 
Parts, equipment or supplies 
A/B/C/ value class 
    Inventory master: 
Quantity on hand by location 
On order 
Location information
Vendor list prices, discounts, 
   and reference prices

Physical Inventory Procedures 
Speed Counting +  Accuracy

Freezing book inventory avoids 
   interruption of business 
Pre-printed count sheets in 
   part # order by location 
Simplified count entry program 
Count variance reporting 
Physical inventory listing 
Valuation report w/current value
   summary + detailed.

Production Control / ERP
                   $4,450 installed

Build to stock or build to order 
Instant production order status 
Update orders daily status;
   work center, quantities, adjustments 
Auto-update inventory on-hand values 
Auto-update finished goods and 
   component costs as purchased 
   material and labor change

   Analytical Programs 
Material req's for finished goods 
   and sub- assemblies 
Purchasing req's for componant
   parts + raw materials
Master schedule by product code 
Daily schedule by work center 

   Bill of Material File
Parts, sub-assemblies, raw materials 
Direct and indirect labor 
Operations and routing 
Scrap/shrinkage o Instructions 

   Master File Reports
Multi-level Bill of Materials 
Multi-level where-used report 
Indented Bill of Materials 
Indented where-used report 
Product costing report 

   Production Control Reports
Outside Finish Schedule by part number 
Open Sales Order Status 
Status Summary by part number 
Order Status Detailed 
   by part number by component 
Cost Reports by part number 
   by work center by production order 
Inactive Production Orders 
Daily production completions by shift 
Raw material by inventory tag number 
Tool room schedule and costs

Job Cost
$2,550 installed

All work is controlled from 
   order to billing 
Simplified data entry 
Effective dispatching highlights
   incomplete work by: 
due date or date promised 
last date work was performed 
cost amount already expended

Optional burden application
       = TRUE gross profit 

Invoice details may be shown as reported on job tickets, or an optional simplified description can be substituted

Lists all work performed by date on invoices, or charges can be combined + total shown 

Selectable fixed price 
   or time and material billing 
Chargeable and no-charge work 
   are all treated the same 
Minimizes manual work for 
   service and office personnel

Systematic method of tracking 
   and controlling jobs 
Orders rec'd by mail/ phone
   arenentered smae way
Order Entry controls forced
   entry of pertinent info
Credit is verified before work 
   is dispatched 
Dispatching from open orders
   and status incomplete work
5 year invoice history simplifies 
   warranty administration 
Equipment listed customer file 
Accounting code o/e 
Work is reported by 
   make, model and s/n
Same simple job tickest
   used for all work
On-line entry and editing 
Enters data into Payroll + 
   Job Cost at same time 
NO reconciling two sets of data 
No-charge time is accurately
   charged to expense 
Parts are relieved from truck
   inventory by job ticket entry 
All parts are charged to customer
   from one source 
Data entry is minimal-
   write it once, correctly! 
Edits confirm employee +
   part numbers, prevent errors
Edit reports of new data and;
   Job tickets entered listing 
   Work in process report of
   specific jobs; summary-detail 
Work in process report of all jobs; 
Listing of completed job tickets
Payroll labor hour input listing
   mechanic and job
Paperwork is reduced, simplified
   or eliminated entirely
   Simplified forms 
Training mechanics and stock
   personnel is simplified 
Paperwork for all activities is
   done the same way 
Account coding is entered on 
    work order 
Non-chargeable time is 
   properly charged 
Proper accounting is done
   automatically by the system 
Control is by assigned sales
   (work) order number 
Chargeable and non-chargeable
   requires pre-authorization 
Work is assigned (dispatched) in
   the usual manner 
Past service history is noted on
   the work order

   Job Tickets Include
Job number 
Customer name 
Work location 
Work performed 
Stocked material qty, 
   part # + descriptions 
Non-stock materials, outside
   services price + cost 
Mechanic number and name 
Straight and overtime hours 
Machine rental charges in hours 
Complete or incomplete 

Comments which should or should not appear on the invoice Job tickets are completed on the job, turned in daily and reviewed by the supervisor. Some users maintain files of copies in weekly files by mechanic for payroll backup, by job, or in chronological order. 

   Secure Information
Original sales (work) order 
Information from job tickets 
Mechanics time in the 
   payroll system 
Truck inventory record updated 
   for materials used 
Completed job file and 
   associated invoice

   Auto Pricing and Costing 
Parts at current prices 
Customer Discounts
Material handling burden may
   be added to costs 
Labor charges as established for
   each customer class 
Labor cost (with burden applied
   for each labor class) 
No-charge costs are charged to
   expense accurately 
Machine rental is charged at
   established selling prices 
Machine rental costs are based
   on a periodic internal analysis
General Ledger
  $2,600 installed

Easily handles up to;
   999 company entities and 
   999 subsidiaries, 
   w/ different fiscal year-end.

Chart of accounts;
   18 position account number
   Department -999 Inc in acct # 
   Profit Center -999 Inc in acct # 
   Control Acct -999 Inc in acct # 
   Sub Account -9999 Inc in acct # 
ID -99999 Employee, fixed asset, note 
Dollar, statistical or summary accounts 
Sub-ledgers for AR, assets, liabilities
Automatic batch interface from 
   subsidiary accounting systems
Chart of accounts duplication for 
   new companies/divisions
Stores the entire year's G/L detailed           activity on-line
Stores 5 yrs financial data/comparisons  Creates a complete + detailed audit trail  Post out-of-balance amt/ susp acct
Sys-generated document locator number  Multiple budgeting with
   best and worst comparison

ADJUSTMENTS may be made at any time, for any period, whether or not it has been closed. Standard adjusting journal entries, posted automatically at the end of the period, reduce manual entries and errors. 

On-line entry program eases entry           
Enter fixed-variable std monthly once
Repetitious entries auto-posted
Adjust closed accounting period Automatic burden application entries  Beginning balances may be adjusted Auto-end period close nominal accounts 
Selected entries are auto-reversed in the
   next period

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS are provided in a wide variety of formats. You control the content and organization of each report. In addition, all reports may be printed any number of times and at any time of the month. 

Display individual acct activity inquiry  Statement of Financial Condition
Results of Operations
P & L, Income Statement o
Schedules for selected expense cat's Selling expenses 
Administrative expense 
Burden accounts 
Comparisons to previous yrs statement 
Comparisons with one or more budgets  Comparisons with beginning of 
    month or year values 
Consolidated Co.--wide statements 
Departmental income statement  Statements any period/current fiscal year  Statements up to sixty previous periods  Payroll labor summary 
Equipment cost schedule
G/L trans report by account (audit trail) 
Prelimin + final period-end G/L trial bal  Reports from any acquired data
$2,100 installed

   Routine Payroll Processing;
Weekly, biweekly, monthly, 
   semi-monthly or bonus
Pay hourly, salaried or
   commissioned employees
Auto-input of time from 
   job tickets by job
Reconciliation from job tickets 
   w/ time cards
Salaries paid unless
   otherwise instructed
Commissions data derived 
   from sales progams
Auto-deduct for hospitalization,
   savings, dues, etc
Withhold voluntary addt'l 
   federal + state taxes 

   The System Automatically;
Produces a detailed edit list of 
   entered data
Calculates gross and net pay 
   and deductions
Calculates federal, state + local
   withholding taxes
Produces payroll check register
   for approval 
Produces payroll checks
Check stub includes current
   period + YTD data
Calculates + accrues state +
   federal unemployment taxes
Calculates + accrues company
   portion of FICA
Generates + posts detailed
   payroll journal to G/L 


Stores all data on a monthly,
   quarterly, annual basis
Prints schedules for federal/state
   withheld tax returns
Prints schedules for federal and
   state unemployment tax returns
Produces the annual employee
   W-2 form
Reports data for 401K retirement 
   programs or Sec.125

Document Every Aspect of
Payroll Accounting
Input proof list
Employee QTD/YTD earnings +
   tax register
Miscellaneous deduction register
Union dues collected
Payroll checks
Check register
Payroll journal
Periodic federal + state tax forms
Outstanding check reconciliation
401K retirement reports
Job cost labor analysis 

Special Features;
Security to prevent unauthorized
   access to files
Security to prevent unauthorized
   changes to data
Precautions against loss of data
Detail audit trail/ all  transactions
Optional auto-application of 
   labor-related burden
Apply individual accounts or
   groups of expenses
Variable rates by class of labor
Exception reporting under or 
   over applied
Reflects accurate gross profit 
   on labor sales