Manufacturing & Distribution Software Case Studies

Hutchison Tool Sales Company

Hutchison Tool Sales Company is an extremely knowledgeable supplier of:

In-Die Tapping (including Multiple Spindle and Special In-Die Tapping), Drilling and Tapping Equipment, Tool Grinding Equipment, Cutting Tools, Abrasives and more.

In 1998, they had outgrown their computer software and hardware and needed a significant upgrade. They knew exactly what functions they needed in a new system and they were aware of the industries leading PC based system. Any system that they would be interested in would have to have the features of this industry leader and more.

When they analyzed all of the features and benefits of the GCS 2000 Distribution System, they knew it would definitely do the job for them. They were especially impressed by the tight integration between Sales Order Entry, Purchasing and Inventory. The ability to have instant, on-line access to sales and purchasing without the requirement of reports. The ability to get a Financial Statement at any time for any period. To date Hutchison Tool flawlessly services their clients. A single customer service representative can provide any information required by the customer instantly; order, inventory, shipping, billing and account information.

They financed their hardware and software over five years for less then the leading suppliers monthly maintenance fee. Hutchison Tool has saved over $48,000 in maintenance fees alone, since licensing the GCS2000 Distribution System. In addition, they have had 99.9999 % system reliability and a 100% "virus free" computing environment.

Murray Equipment Company

This company was established in 1950 by Clarence Murray to provide parts and maintenance to the service stations of the major oil companies in Ft. Wayne such as Standard Oil, Shell, etc. Because of this focus, the company was a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI). In 1976, PEI was interested in providing their members with information about the computer systems, both hardware and software, that would be of benefit in handling the complex nature of their business. To assist in this, we were asked to set up a seminar for their interested members to demonstrate how GCS software could enhance their operations (and their bottom line).

We invited IBM to assist in this seminar to cover the computers that were available. We demonstrated to the PEI folks that GCS software could integrate all of their business functions from sales order entry thru inventory control and purchasing to financncial statement. At the same time, with job cost tightly integrated with payroll and billing, they could keep control of direct labor and provide their customers with detailed billing. Clarence Murray believed this software would be extremely beneficial to his business. In later conversations, he said he never regretted this decision.

Since installing GCS software in 1976, Murray Equipment grew from a small service-oriented business into a nationwide distribution company providing parts to both the petroleum equipment market, agriculture and other markets focusing on liquid distribution solutions. In addition, they acquired manufacturing operations and combined these operations with their distribution and service functions. As MEC was growing and expanding, computer systems were growing and expanding from batch processing systems to the multi-user, multi-tasking systems you see today. With all this change, MEC did not have to throw out their GCS system, pay large sums of money to purchase a different system or retrain any employees to learn a new system. The GCS software grew as their business grew. When they aquired manufacturing operations, we integrated our GCS 2000 Manufacturing System with our distribution system.

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Flexan Corporation

The Flexan Corporation specializes in a variety of custom molded rubber parts that include insert molding, micro precision components, rubber bonded to metal or plastic, paper handling and rollers, food and water handling products and automotive components. In addition, they do their own in-house compounding that includes custom mixing, proprietary formulations and natural, synthetic and high performance compounds. At another division, the FMI Corporation, they do medical grade components and implant grade silicone components.

Groth Computer Systems became acquainted with Flexan Corporation in 1977 when one of the original owners selected us to implement a complete manufacturing system that\ covered sales order entry thru production and inventory control to financial statement. At that time Flexan was a small manufacturer located in a different section of Chicago. Since then they moved to their presnt location, opened the FMI division that is focused on molding medical components and have completed a new plant in China. Times have changed for them and for the capabilities and requirements of their software and hardware. Groth Computer Systems has provided them with economical conversions from  one computer system to the next more powerful system (including hardware) as well as providing them with significant improvements in the sophistication of the GCS2000 System  they originally purchased. They never lost any investment they have made in this area  but simply continued to build as their business grew and changed. All of our clients have the same experience and have never found themselves in the unenvieable position of having to abandon their investment and training in one system to go to a completly new system. This has saved them an enormous amount of cash as well as maintaining the continuity of  their business. Flawless, continuous processing of daily mission critical business applications have allowed Flexan to focus on growing their business.

Today, the GCS2000 Manufacturing System not only handles the original requirements, as stated above, but also includes the ability to maintain their formulas and componds in addition to the normal bill-of-material and routing. Also, the payroll system includes the ability to provide incentive (or bonus) pay as required by department. They can instantly display the status of a sales order along with shipments, scheduled to ship, inventory and production order status by operation simply by entering the part number.