Groth Computer Systems of Burlington, WI, was established in 1976 to provide small to medium size manufacturing and distribution companies with the very best support for all of their data processing requirements at the lowest possible cost.  Through our 30 years we have continually enhanced our GCS Manufacturing and Distribution software. GCS clients have streamlined their "Mission Critical" core business tasks, while saving money processing those tasks.

Small Business Price

Since our software is very mature, we offer it at a reasonable price for the small to medium manufacturer and distributor. No ongoing maintenance fees pay for the system itself withing 5 years.

GCS contract programming rates, as low as $39 per hour, lowers application development costs. GCS systems expertise provides powerfull business applications.

99.999% Uptime

GCS Pre-packaged Manufacturing & Distribution Software Systems run on "The System of Fortune 500  Choice", IBM's AS/400-iseries. GCS clients systems are available to the business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Downtime, reboots, etc. are non issues for GCS clients. Core business processing is continuous. 1st class customer service is continuous.


Another amazing benefit for GCS clients is our ability to provide a "100% virus proof" core business processing environment. Once again, this is provided by "The System of Fortune 500 Choice. Viruses do not exist. The AS/400-iseries native file system has never had a reported virus. The people smart enough to write them have much better and more profitable things to do. 

Pennies On The Dollar !

Big Blue marketing blunder makes these systems available to the small and medium business for pennies on the dollar. Your Fortune 500 competition pays over 10 times the price!

Executive Decision Support

GCS leverages the the inherent data warehouse ability of AS/400-iseries and today's powerful pc data warehouse and data mart software to provide timely, accurate and critical business data to key decision makers in an easy to use graphical format. Key business data is continuously available at your fingertips..


Unlike the overwhelming vast majority of today's software, GCS gives you the ability to "OWN" the software. And control your own destiny. Never purchase another software system. Our clients are living proof.

GCS Edge

We believe every client should be treated like our best client. in fact, our software has a 100% success rate. We have never lost a client. In addition to the case studies on our web site, we have succesfully serviced Bally's, the Chicago Cubs, as well as many other clients in our 30 years.

Superior Customer Service via Timely Production, Product Delivery and Instant Customer Service Information. High Level Inventory Cost Controls and Enterprise Wide Business Efficiency. Our clients regularly beat their Fortune 500 competition.

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